Human Resources Development



This service line offers customized training events for participants in a variety of critical knowledge, competency and skill areas including leadership and strategic management, human resources management, management essentials, finance and managerial accounting, marketing, sales, project leadership and management and systems design. It is available through individualized one-on-one coaching to ensure that clients achieve their learning goals and in particular can apply what has been learned in the workplace which results in employer organizations benefiting from Human Capital Development investments. Existing Training Areas includes: Customer Service, Basis Supervisory & Management Skills, Time Management, Sales Management, Marketing and Strategic Communication.

In order to get in-depth knowledge of your employer organization’s learning needs and then to customize effective human capital strategies that simultaneously improve the capacity of employees and organizations, we first conduct a Training Needs Assessment.

Work Based Learning Qualifications

fusionHR has partnered with a major international awards body to provide a portfolio of international vocational and competence-based qualifications in a range of subject areas. These qualifications can be used by existing training providers, schools, companies and other types of organizations that conduct internal training to offer trainees a valuable, portable and internationally recognized qualification. Some offered international qualifications are:

  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Customer Service
  • Public Relations
  • Sales

Learning Support Center

This space provides accessible and affordable academic assistance and learning resources to all of its members. Members include our clients who participate in our vocational qualifications as well as all types of learners, but particularly adult learners in Belize that are enrolled in tertiary and continuing education programs.


fusionHR’s Career Coaching service provides workforce participants with in-depth personalized coaching so that personal and professional goals can be achieved while being guided by sound professional tutelage and mentorship. Our career advisory services offer students and workforce professionals’ seasoned insights and technical advice about optimal career choices and schooling options.

Occupational Assessments

The use of occupational assessments for the purpose of training and development is vital for both the employee and organization. An assessment tool will help to determine the training needs, in particular the strengths and weakness of the employee. The employer organization then has a better opportunity to identify the ideal training program for employees.

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