Human Resources Management


Job Analysis

Conducting a job analysis exercise involves a process of identifying the observable work activities, tasks, and responsibilities associated with the job position and the relative importance of each. This service can be approached from a basic or comprehensive stand point, depending on a client’s budget.


Recruitment Services

The recruitment services involve several activities that can generate candidate pools for clients’ position vacancies. This service can be executed at both the national and regional levels. Activities under this service include advertising on fusionHR’s job board, resume search, application management, candidate summary listing, and regret notifications.  fusionHR can undertake either a national or regional targeted recruitment or ‘head-hunting exercise’. Contact us for other optional recruitment services.

Internet Job Board

fusionHR’s Job Board

Resume Search

fusionHR can readily conduct a search on fusionHR’s jobseeker database for viable candidate matches and generate additional candidate applications.

Application Management

If the thought of managing the flow of resumes seems overwhelming, then fusionHR might have the solution. The management of applications includes coordinating receipt of applications and responding to candidates.

Executive Targeted Recruitment

If recruitment efforts have yielded no desirable applicants or if a client would like to target specific individuals or groups to generate a selective candidate pool, fusionHR can undertake a national or regional targeted recruitment or head-hunting exercise.

Advertisement Design, Placement and Facilitation

If time limits are exact and vacancy advertisements need to be published immediately, fusionHR can facilitate these for you. We can coordinate with local media outlets to ensure that the respective advertisements are placed in or on the chosen media channel.

Selection Services

The selection services include several activities to support the final decision of choice of the “best fit” candidates into jobs and careers offered by fusionHR’s client organizations.

Activities include candidate shortlisting, basic and/or in-depth reference checks, preliminary and/or primary interviews and administration and analysis of pre-employment occupational assessments.

Reference & Background Checks

The process involved in choosing a suitable candidate to fill the vacant post. This includes generating a first shortlist of viable candidates from the candidate summary, conducting reference, background checks and generating a Reference Check Report based on discussion with client regarding identified candidates’ strengths and weaknesses based on resumes or curriculum vitae.


Scheduling interviews, developing interview questions and participating in the interview panel. fusionHR conducts a relevant assessment evaluation on a short listed candidate based on salary category and finalizes the process with an analysis or Hiring Report to assist in the final selection process.

Occupational Assessments

This business line is one of fusionHR’s core business activities. We provide a wide assortment of assessment tools for various employment and personal development uses including pre-employment screening, professional and managerial selection, personality and skills assessment, coaching and leadership, customer service abilities, sales abilities, performance appraisal, teamwork capabilities and career exploration among others. Other services are “wrapped” or integrated with these assessments to provide a unique “value-added” niche and advantage over other service providers. Assessments and tests can be administered at the company’s evaluation centre. Primary suppliers for fusionHR are based in the US and the Caribbean.

Contingent Staffing

fusionHR’s Contingent Staffing service line includes temporary staffing and outsourced staffing services. Clients can be provided with contingent staffers through a variety of customized contractual arrangements.

Temporary Staffing

The service line offers the option to identify and contract qualified personnel for short periods of time starting from one day to two months. Sub-services include: (1) Collaborative Performance Management, (2) Time & Attendance Management, and (3) Payroll Administration. fusionHR can assist employer organizations with staffing coverage during sick leave, vacation leave, and maternity leave and during peak seasons in the year when extra human resources are needed.

Outsourced Staffing

The service line offers the option to identify and contract qualified personnel for a period of time starting from three months or more. Sub-services include: (1) Conduction of Job Analyses and Reviews of Job Position Profiles, (2) Recruitment, (3) Selection, (4) Compensation Management, (5) Collaborative Performance Management, (6) Time & Attendance Management, (7) Payroll Administration, (8) Employee Relations, (9) Capacity Development & Training.

fusionHR can avoid you all the sifting through endless amounts of resumes and minimize time wasted on unproductive interviews. The client will be required to enter into a master contractual agreement with fusionHR which would in turn provide clients with contingent staffers through a variety of customized contractual arrangements and at varying contract tenure timeframes.

HR Administration

Human Resources Management System

Any company needs a reliable and cost effective system to keep track of its personnel information. With this type of system, one can track all vacation leaves and absences, save time by having all documentation organized and track performance management.  fusionHR can customize a system to meet your needs including modules that are crucial for organizing information. Sample modules include:

Employee Module

  • Employee Personal Information
  • Photograph
  • Dependents
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Employment History
  • Attendance
Pay Module   

  • Salary and Bonuses
  • Benefits
  • Vacation and Leave
  • Banking Information



Performance Management Module

  • Job Analysis and Revision of Job Description
  • Appraisals


Training Module

  • Education
  • Courses
  • Skills
  • Awards

Time & Attendance Management

If your time management needs are basic, fusionHR offers a time and attendance management tool that is a truly user friendly and automated solution that easily suits varying business needs and resources. It will help you collect punch data and to immediately start saving time and money. Employees can easily clock IN and OUT using a unique ID number at the time clock. You can easily access the time clock data anytime to edit, monitor employee hours and generate reports.

Resume Hosting 

fusionHR’s CV Hub is a resume hosting service offered to clients which allows them to forward received resumes and job applications from recent or current recruitment exercises to fusionHR where they will be placed in an organized filing system on our jobseeker database and will be available to clients upon request. The service is FREE and it benefits all parties involved. Best of all, if you need a copy of a particular resume, we can send it to you in any desired format upon request.

Performance Management

Managing performance is usually considered by many as an unbearable one-on-one meeting to discuss the employee’s performance appraisal. However, to go through this process successfully, as a manager or supervisor, you should know that it requires an overall linkage of key components such as your rewards system and performance management and a single yearly appraisal just does not accomplish this.

fusionHR has the technical expertise to assist and guide you in effectively developing and implementing a performance management system that involves crucial activities such as orientation and on boarding, setting standards and expectations, goal identification and a development plan to mention a few. Let us help you create a high performing team.


Compensation is an integral part of human resource management. Aligning it with your business strategy means that there has to be great balance between monetary and non-monetary benefits. It is known to help attract and retain the best talent but it is also important to build motivation.

fusionHR will work with clients and prospects to evaluate their compensation system and advice on how to integrate best practises. This service may include the conduction of job evaluation exercises to determine comparative importance of job and work tasks to confirm with offered compensation level. We can also assist with the conduction of a Compensation Analysis or even the Development of a Benefits Program.

Employee Relations

This type of work involves more than just weekly or monthly staff meetings. Successful employee relations programs usually require a framework that helps maintain employer-employee relationships that contribute to improved productivity, motivation, and morale. Building strategic internal communication that relate to teamwork, coaching and motivational issues are all necessary activities. Employee relations also encompass employee separation process including conducting exit interviews and conflict resolution.

Information is provided to employees to promote a better understanding of management’s goals and policies. Other key information is provided to assist them in correcting poor performance, on or off duty misconduct, or to address personal issues that affect them in the workplace.

Legal Compliance

Employers and employees are governed in Belize by the Labour Act and Social Security Act. These laws and regulations governing the employee-employer relationship should help in understanding and managing certain situations to ensure that the organization avoids costly fines and other penalties, including the risk of harming the organization’s reputation.

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