Management Profile

Shaun Finnetty, Chief Executive Officer and Senior Technical Consultant


Shaun Finnetty is a management consultant and human resources (HR) specialist who is the Chief Executive Officer and Senior Technical Consultant at fusionHR, a full-service HR management and development firm located in Belize, Central America. His HR expertise covers both strategic HR management and development cognate areas such recruitment, hiring, performance management, total rewards, legal compliance and capacity building. Shaun’s particular technical strengths lie in the areas of staff selection, development of performance systems, compensation analysis and training. Shaun possesses a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) with Merit from the University of Leicester’s School of Management in the United Kingdom, a Masters of Arts (M.A.) in Geography from the Waterloo-Laurier Graduate School of Geography and Environmental Studies in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada and a Certificate in Human Resources Studies from Cornell University in New York, USA. Overall, he has over twenty years of experience working with public, private and non-profit clients in the areas of HR, management and strategic planning.

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